Service On Tap™ combines patented trusted tag technology and a cloud-based authentication platform to add unique and trusted identities to every piece of equipment which can be read by mobile devices

Service On Tap, a feature of FieldEquipt, can facilitate transactions simply by tapping an attached or embedded NFC tag with an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to securely communicate information.

Technologies include: RFID, BLE, QR CODES

Service On Tap Process

  1. Easy equipment tracking
  2. Proof of Technician’s presence
  3. Credential verification

Benefits of Service On Tap

  • Simple integration and easy adoption – No need for readers, apps or other equipment
  • Streamlined deployment – No proprietary software or special readers for tag authentication required
  • Secure – Encrypted data changes on every tap, blocking attempts to share, clone or manipulate tags or URLs.
  • Enhanced analytics – Provides real-time access to precise data and reliable audit trails, for accurate billingƒ
  • Frictionless operation – Simply tap to interact, no app to create or download
  • Flexible – Supports NFC-enabled devices and is designed for future support of Bluetooth®-enabled devices.
  • Helps you know which way to go when considering repairing or replacing HVAC equipment
  • Proactive Replacement Programs
  • Manage labor and equipment costs through bids NOT emergencies
  • Ensure you have time to order an exact equipment replacement
  • OEM quantity discounting
  • Tighter control of the project – minimize impacts on building
  • Enhanced Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Customized maintenance tasks and schedules
  • Adjust schedules based on equipment performance
  • Reduce HVAC repair spending
  • Actual efficiency & cooling capacity calculations
  • Remaining useful life calculations
  • Quick & non-invasive process

Software Features

  • Asset tracking – trusted RFID Tags are secure, each tap (service event) is assigned a unique tracking code
  • Work history pulls up asset info and service history
  • Reporting – detailed event reporting and analytics
  • Proof of presence – generates date and time stamp verifies event and ID of service tech on site
  • Perpetual cloud based data storage  – event data is captured & tracked in database
  • Credential verification – verifies that service tech or inspector servicing the valve has the correct credentials, ensures the right guy is on the job. Otherwise blocked from accessing data.
  • Operates on iOS, Android & PC’s
  • Back-end administrative web page
  • Customizable portfolio-level reports
  • Photos
  • Job notes
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Real-time reporting
  • Equipment inventory
  • Site and unit data collection
  • OEM performance details
  • OEM catalog details

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