Automated Decision provides Facility/Property Managers and your service contractors with a mobile toolkit.

Our tools enable your service contractors to easily and accurately capture performance and runtime data from the field and instantly generate comprehensive reports that provide the data-driven decision support you require.


EPM is a simple yet elegant way to measure the performance and remaining useful life (RUL) of your equipment

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Deploy customizable smart forms to the field for equipment inspections and smart surveys. FieldEquipt also integrates QR, RFID and BLE equipment tags

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FieldTech Connect is an mobile tool that connects field service techs – both internal and sub-contracted – with your CMMS system

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Our Equipment Runtime Measurement (ERM)™ device is an inexpensive way to accurately measure the runtime of all types equipment, ensuring that you maximize the efficiency of your scheduled services program

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SmallCircle is the mobile workforce management system that’s perfect for owner-operators managing small groups of field technicians

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